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Plantar's Wart

What is plantar’s wart?


Plantar’s warts are small lesions on the bottom of the feet with a hard, thick layer of skin protecting it (callus).


It may or may not be painful, depending on the location. If it is located in a non-weight-bearing area (area where there is no pressure when standing) like the arch, it is usually not painful. If it is located in a weight-bearing area like the heel or the ball of the foot, it can be very painful where limping occurs.


What causes plantar’s wart?


HPV - human papillomavirus - is the cause of plantar’s wart. Yes, it is a local viral infection. One usually gets plantar’s wart from walking barefoot in a public place (e.g. locker room or pool).


What are my options?


Treatments include but not limited to:

  • Salicylic acid

  • Freezing (cryotherapy)

  • Aldara cream

  • Laser Therapy

  • Cantharidin


Once a treatment is decided, your podiatrist will debride the area to pinpoint bleeding, removing all the callus. After that, the treatment will be administered. Keep in mind that the debridement process is usually not painful except when the area itself is already inflamed and irritated. The visit itself is very straightforward and quick. If left untreated, it can worsen and its chance of multiplying and spreading increases. Make an appointment today to have your wart evaluated.

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